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        Welcomes sushijie (Suzhou) logistics Co.,Ltd !

        Business Tel:13913140323

        National Hotline:0512-65392209

        Let us provide you the solutions!

        • 01 No idea

          Can’t find the ideal logistics company?

        • 02 Complained?

          Complained about the delay?

        • 03 Difficult claims

          The cargo damage caused by the transportation process is not allowed to claim.

        • 04 Not on time

          The payment can not be recovered on time???

        Four advantages to solve your problems

        • 01 Security

          Safe delivery is the most important logistics work to Sushijie, we guarantee minimize damage.

        • 02 On time

          Timing, fixed-point, scheduled shift operation, is the flight on the highway, to ensure the cargos delivered on time.

        • 03 Services

          Sushijie provides a standardized logistics services, like the tracking service, SMS reminders and other services.

        • 04 Economic

          You can feel the effective air freight and the affordable road freight by Sushijie.

        Competitive routes

        • Suzhou-dongguan one-stop services for 30 hours, insurance covered
        • Suzhou-shenzhen one-stop services for 30 hours, insurance covered
        • Suzhou-beijing one-stop services for 24 hours, insurance covered
        • Suzhou-tianjin one-stop services for 24 hours, insurance covered
        • Suzhou-guanzhou one-stop services for 26 hours, insurance covered
        • Suzhou-tianjin whole territory one-stop services for 6 hours, insurance covered
        • Suzhou-zhejiang whole territory one-stop services for 12 hours, insurance covered
        • Suzhou-shanghai one-stop services for 4 hours, insurance covered

        Arrival route

        • Guangdong province: Guangzhou Shenzhen Dongguan Zhuhai Chaozhou Huizhou Foshan Zhongshan
        • Guangxi province Liuzhou nanning guilin yulin white Beihai
        • Ningxia province Yinchuan
        • Sinkiang: Urumchi Karamay Korla
        • Gansu province: Lanzhou Jiayuguan jinchang baiyin tianshui Dunhuang
        • Qinhai province xining
        • Guizhou province Guiyang zunyi liupanshui kaili
        • Yunnan province: Kunming yuxi qujing chuxiong
        • Fujian province Fuzhou Xiamen Quanzhou putian shishi longyan sanming nanping
        • Suchuan province chengdu panzhihua mianyang yibing leshan weijiang luzhou deyang guangyuan zigong
        • Hannan province haikou sanya
        • Hubei province wuhan shiyan xiangyang Jinmen Jinzhou huangshi Yichang xiaogan
        • Jiangxi province Nanchang jiulong shangrao yingtan ganzhou Fuzhou
        • Hunan procince Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Hengyang Zhangjiajie changed shangyang
        • Henan province zhengzhou Luoyang Kaifeng pingdingshan zhumadiang Xinxiang Jiaozuo
        • Shanxi province Jincheng Yuncheng liaocheng Houma
        • Shanxi province xi’an baoji yulin yanan weinan
        • Shandong province jinan qindao linqi weihai zibo Weifang
        • Hebei province Shijiazhuang Qinhuangdao tanghsn cangzhou
        • Northeast dalian Changchun Shenyang harbin

        Focus on logistics industry for 10 years

        • 02 / Storage advantages
        • 03 / Team advantages
        • 04 / Network advantages
        • 05 / Services flow
        • 06 / Industry advantage
        • 以苏州为基点 以诚信为细节 覆盖全市 辐射全国

          苏州速时捷货运已经构架出完善的一物流资源链体系,形成了完整的一物流服务网络,物流服务网络以苏州为中心,辐射至全国各大城市,为给客户提供全方位的一物流服务,公司广东福彩网在北京 、天津 、上  海 、杭州 、无锡 、武汉 、郑州 、成都 、重庆 、福州 、广州 、深圳有分公司广东福彩网,可为客户提供仓储管理及城市配送服务 。


        • 1, in accordance with the requirements of your company for 100%, providing service for the whole 360 days, 24 hours to ensure vehicles standing by, otherwise we would like to assume responsibility under the contract.

          2, Any of the accidents or transport quality damages will be timely reported to your company, and we will make the most effective measures.

          3, if there’re any damages caused by rain, breakage, broken and other quality accidents, we will make a compensation according to the contract.

          4, we strive to deliver on time, under normal circumstances according to the agreement of the two parties (in the absence of any force majeure) we promise to deliver on time with arrival rate of 99%, on-time slip rate of 99%, damage rate is less than 0.1%, customer complaints ≌0.

          5, if the transportation arrival time exceeds the stipulated time more than 72 hours, we take the punishment according to the contract stipulation (except the vehicle accident and other special reasons).

        • The company has more than 100 transport vehicles (growing), including vans, rail cars, collection trucks and vans and other models, tonnage of 0.5 tons to 35 tons. The company makes a systematic investigation on the scale, capital strength, management level, main customers and distribution of network of transportation suppliers, stipulates strict procedures for purchasing, and establishes a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with qualified suppliers. At present, the company has more than 60 departments, including shipping, shipping and air transportation. With the help of suppliers' resources and network, the company can regulate more than 100 vehicles on various types of vehicles every day. The scope of transportation and distribution can cover large and medium-sized cities throughout the country.

        About us

        Company introduction

        Company environment

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        News center

        解除针对快递件的一“五花大 解除针对快递件的一“五花大

        近年以来,随着电子商务的一快速发展,网上  消费成为拉动消费的一主力  军,网络购物等新型消费模式有力  驱动了国民经济的一发展 。近两年的一快递业务量会给你一个直观感受:...


        中国物流发展新方向:绿色 中国物流发展新方向:绿色



        Cooperative partner

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        Contact us


        Mobile:13913140323 、18914089827



        Address:Room 115-118, 4 / F, E District, 999 Fu Fu Road, Suzhou

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